Dying Pit Bull Went to the Beach for his Final Great Vacation

Dyuki or Mr. Dukes is in his final Stages of Grade III mast cell cancer. When he was young, he loves swimming in his owners family pool but never seen the ocean.  His owner Zhenia Bulawka decided to give Mr. Dukes a very special trip to the beach for might be the last stretch of his life. Check out Mr. Dukes and his family on the beach.

Source: thedodo


Zhenia and her other dog Ruby playing in the ocean


Christian, Zhenia boyfriend, sharing his yummy roast beef sandwich with Dukes


Zhenia loving the view from the balcony of their hotel near the beach.



A walk on the Beach with the sand cooled down.


dying-pitbull-07 dying-pitbull-08 dying-pitbull-09

Mr. Dukes died a month later after the trip.


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