This man Returned to this Radioactive Town to Care for the Animals that Everyone Left behind

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan that came after the earthquake on 2011, the entire town has been left empty.  One guy however came back to care and feed the surviving animals that where left behind.  Check out how he sacrifice himself over the welfare of these animals.

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In 2011, Fukushima, Japan was hit by an earthquake and tsunami that resulted on the radioactive meltdown of a nearby nuclear plant.


The 30,000+ population of the town fled the area due to risk of radiation. Most of them had no choice but to leave the animals behind with no one to look after them.


But a farmer named Naoto Matsumura returned to the place and decided to take care of this animals.



Matsumura initially evacuated with his family but decided to come back due to difficulty in finding refuge.


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