30+ Amazing Photos of Children Playing Around the World Minus The Technology

A child is always carefree of the world. They always find happiness in everything that surrounds them. Irregardless of cultural background, economic situation and financial status, they will always find imaginative ways to have fun. This is true, way back before video games, xbox, playstations and wii came out. Children used to love playing outdoors with neighbors and friends. Their collective wild and creative imaginations triggers different forms of games you could imagine. They interact, they squabble, they laugh together, they create their own adventures. How we miss these days, when innocence, joy and nature comes together in our childhood. Check out these photos from all over the world that shows children playing with whatever resource is available to them and the level of happiness is genuinely the same for all of them.

1. Indonesia

indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (25)
Ipoenk Graphic
indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (5)
Hendrik Priyanto
indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (4)
Rio Rinaldi Rachmatullah
indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (3)
Gede Lila Kantiana
indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (2)
Gede Lila Kantiana
indonesia-children-playing-around-the-world (1)
Agoes Antara

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