Dennis the Dieting Dachshund Has finally Kicked the Bad Habit and Lost 44lbs

Dennis, a six-year-old dachshund lost almost 44lbs of the excess weight in over a year of dieting.  Two years ago, he broke the puppy scales at a staggering 56 pounds equivalent to 5 normal dachshunds, which is not only overweight but obese in Human State.

Source: cesarsway

dennis-dieting-daschund (10)

Dennis previous owner gave him up to an animal shelter and left him there in a very bad shape.

dennis-dieting-daschund (7)

The previous owner neglected his health and overfed him with a daily diet of unhealthy food including pizza and burgers.

dennis-dieting-daschund (4)

This left Dennis to become lethargic and spent most of his days lying down.

dennis-dieting-daschund (13)

He had trouble walking and he could barely walk a few steps without having to stop and catch his breath.

dennis-dieting-daschund (5)

His new owner, Brooklyn Burton from West Columbus, Ohio rescued him from that shelter and seeing the state of Dennis decided to to put him on a healthy diet and daily activity.

Brooklyn said in an interview

“There was no way I could walk away from that little guy knowing what his living conditions were and how unhealthy and unhappy he was”,

dennis-dieting-daschund (8)

As he was losing weight Brooklyn had to band his tummy to get the extra skin out of the way.

dennis-dieting-daschund (3)

“The more weight he lost the more of a problem the excess skin became. He was afraid to run and walk because he kept tripping over himself.”

dennis-dieting-daschund (14)

A tummy tuck was eventually needed to be carried out.

dennis-dieting-daschund (12)

He needed 3 more surgeries before he wasn’t afraid to move

dennis-dieting-daschund (11)

Many strangers helped pay for Dennis’ surgery

dennis-dieting-daschund (6)

Now, Dennis weighs just 12lb (5.4kg)

dennis-dieting-daschund (9)

“After he lost weight, this bossy little demanding man popped out. He’s into everything, he wants to play with everybody.”


dennis-dieting-daschund (2)


Before and After take of Dennis

dennis-dieting-daschund (1)


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