Goku vs. Superman, The Final Showdown of Who is the Strongest Fighter on Earth Begins

Two legendary heroes, both born from dying planets, both aliens to Earth, strong and has the ability to wield power. Pit them together and we get ourselves the fight of the millennium. Who will win? Is it Goku, the never-give-up Saiyan or The Man of Steel, Superman.


A lot of fanboys have long debated the outcome of this fight.  Others brings the science to the table and breaks it down to its minute detail.  Others would conclude based purely on what they have watched and read.


Some says that Goku is only equal to Superman in his base form but far exceeds him when he is in Super Saiyan level. A Super Saiyan is not just a change in appearance but a multiplication in all forms of power.  Others would contradict otherwise, as Superman is seen so be more powerful especially absorbing more solar radiation directly from the sun or absorbing a blue sunlight.


Let the details speak for itself. Let the battle begin. Check out the tale of the tape.

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