Hordes of Tourist Going to China’s Most Dangerous Village Caused “The Most Dangerous Traffic Jam”

It’s a May day Holiday and tourist have been flocking to this remote Chinese village which is only accessible from a road carved out of cliffs. Major traffic jams and tailbacks of buses and cars can been seen thru the cliff which left the tourist no choice but to walk to the top.

Source: fj.people

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On top of a 200m rock cliff and situated 1,700 meters above the ground, sits the village of Guo Liang Cun. It’s so remote that the rest of the world can only access it by rock stairs prior to the tunnel being carved thru the rock.

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Located in Henan Province in central China, the corridor is carved out of canyons that are 119 meters high. Named the ‘Cliff Corridor’, the traffic channel is 1,250 meters long, five meters wide and four meters tall. china-dangerous-village (5)

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