13 Of America’s Sexiest Felons Whose Mugshots Should Be On The Cover Of A Magazine

They’re hot and irresistible but not in the eyes of the Law.  These pretty creatures couldn’t use their looks anymore to make a pass.

1. Megan Simmons

She got busted for DUI. How many dudes have been driven mad under this hottie’s influence?

hot-felons (4)

2. Gabrielle Hill

She was arrested for drug possession. She was later released without bond due to the cops “not treating her like a perfect little princess.”

hot-felons (5)

3. Jacob Miller

He got busted for narcotics. Now he’s giving back to the community by staring deeply into everyone’s souls, and taking their pain away.

hot-felons (13)

4. Mystique

After being caught trying to transform into Obama, she was detained and imprisoned for perjury, fraudulence, and being too hot to trot.

hot-felons (6)

5.  Chase Crawford

Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford will have inmates all over him…hopefully they’ll be mostly females.

hot-felons (12)

6.  Cat Cora

‘Iron Chef’ Cat Cora, who was arrested for a DUI, later got the charge dropped after making dinner for her officers and batting her eyes as she served it.

hot-felons (8)

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