3 Amazing People Who In Their Own Little Ways, Help and Save the Lives of Others

There is tremendous power and positive energy in helping others.  Amidst all the greed and selfishness around the world, these individuals reached out and took action and make a positive difference to the lives of other people.

1. 9 year old girl uses her power tools to give homeless people a place to stay and food to eat

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Meet Hailey, when she was 5 years old an encounter sparked something within her. While walking with her mother in their hometown Bremerton, Washinton, they came across a homeless man. Hailey wanted to help so they bought the man a sandwhich. This experience was the turning point that started Haileys interest in helping others.

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Four years later, the now nine-year-old is using her green thumb to help the homeless by building them mobile shelters, and growing them over 200 pounds of vegetables in her garden.

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Hailey’s first shelter, which was built for her friend Edward, inspired her local community to get involved: thanks to a 50% discount from a local hardware store, her materials only cost about $300.
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Hailey does have some guidance from her mom and dad, but for the most part, she built it all from scratch.

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The structure is well built and the finished product feels like a home, complete with curtains in the windows, a solar powered lamp, and a lock on the front door.
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And Hailey doesn’t want to stop at just one shelter: thanks to a $3,000 grant from Together Rising and momastery.com, she plans to build 11 more shelters this year.

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