30 People That Are Having A Much Worse Day Than you

If you think your day couldn’t get any worse, then these people might make you feel better about it. We indeed have our bad days, even weeks or months, but sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems. So chin up and think that it could have been worse.

 1.  When you forgot the difference between D and R

people-with-worst-day (31)

2.  When you’re already dead but still couldn’t get any break

people-with-worst-day (30)

3.  When of all the people who rides the bus, you’ll be the one whose head got stuck

people-with-worst-day (28)

4.  “Hello Boss, we have a small problem.  The cars got wet”

people-with-worst-day (27)

5.  When the bees call your car their home

people-with-worst-day (26)

6.  When paint wanted to dye your seats white

people-with-worst-day (25)

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