5+ Images That Shows How Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Really Look on Everyday Women

This photo-series compare models wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuits and everyday women working at BuzzFeed. With young girls today growing up seeing how women body should be in the magazines, these group is trying to send a message that this is what an everyday woman looks like and there’s really nothing wrong about it.

via: buzzfeed

1. Kristin

“It’s really hard to be objective about your own body — so when someone says something nice about you, you should believe them”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (3)

2.  Nina

“Don’t compare yourself to the model. Very few of us are the model”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (2)

3.  Sheridan

“You don’t have to look like Behati to wear a swimsuit. Do what makes you happy and you’ll be OK in the end”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (1)

4.  Lara

“We may not all be models, but the world is a runway for ALL of us”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (6)

5.  Allison

“I think everyone should get photographed on the beach in a bathing suit at some point in their life… it is a really fun experience that kind of helps you to get over any insecurities”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (4)

6.  Kirsten

“Having airbrushed skin and zero fat doesn’t make you beautiful, having confidence and radiating that confidence makes you beautiful — ‘flaws’ and all”

victoria-secret-everyday-women (5)

victoria-secret-everyday-women (7)

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