A Mother Cat Adopted Three Orphaned Ducklings And Raised Them As Her Own

Della the cat proves that birds and cats can have a friendly relationship.  After giving birth to her own kitty, Della came across three newly hatched ducklings and instead of switching to being a predator, her maternal instinct kicked in instead. She brought the ducklings to her box and began nurturing them.

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According to Ronan and Emma Lally, the farm’s owners, it was timing that allowed this thing to happen. Della’s hormone level change from giving birth heightening her nurturing instincts. If she had met the ducklings just a few hours earlier or later, her instincts might have caused her to eat them instead.

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Della has not only adopted the ducklings – she even suckles them.

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“The minute the cat lay down the three ducklings ran underneath her. She stared to purr,” Ronan Lally told in an interview. “We lifted her up and two ducklings were latched onto the cat. The cat has all the maternal instinct, she has her paw around them and it is just extraordinary.”

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The ducklings quickly took Della as their new foster mom and started mimicking their cat siblings. As they grow older, however, they started to began behaving more like ducks and less like cats. They remained and stayed loyal to Della and continued to follow her around the farm.

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