Taiwan Baked A Square Watermelon Bread That is Delicious And Yet Confusing

A Taiwanese bakery created a loaf of bread which looks exactly like a watermelon inside and out, except that it is square.  This crazy and confusing food mashup has been a craze in Taiwan and people are lining up and to take a bit of that delicious watermelon bread.

watermelon-bread (1)

According to Jimmy’s Bakery, which created this unique bread, it was designed to convince children to eat bread during the hot summer months, when their appetite decreases. The bread used natural dyes – green tea for the rind, strawberries for the meat, and raisins for the seed.

watermelon-bread (2)watermelon-bread (5)watermelon-bread (7)

watermelon-bread (4) watermelon-bread (3)

watermelon-bread (6)

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