“Uganda’s Ugliest Man” Has Become A Father Again for the Eight Time

He is known as “Uganda’s Ugliest man”, a title which he won in 2002 after he entered a competition to make money for his cash-strapped family.  He is usually called Sebabi, but his real name is Godfrey Baguma and he is a ladies man.  In fact he has just fathered another child, a pretty bouncing baby girl.

uganda-ugliest-man (3)

Godfrey Baguma, 47, who is believed to suffer from a rare unknown medical condition.

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He got married to 30-years-old Kate Namanda in 2013 and has given birth to his eight Child.  Some of his children are from his first wife whom he ended after he caught her cheating with another man.

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Sebabi used to be a cobbler but now uses his fame as he appears at events as Uganda’s Ugliest Man. He took it a step further by joining Amarula Family, a leading comedy group in Uganda.
He also started singing and appear in his own music videos. It’s his attempt to move away from the title which he became famous for and to start a new career.

Here is one of his music videos:




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