Video: Girl Who Burned Kitten Alive Petitioned to be Brought to Justice

It is inconceivable that such Barbaric acts still continues to occur to this day.  Just for fun, a girl poured a combustible to a kitten, lighted a match and burned the kitten alive. Read the petition against these individuals.


The 2 individuals in the video is Guadalupe Garcia Villapando and Mikaela Garcia.  Currently living in Ignacio Zaragoza, Aguascalientes in Mexico.

In the video you can see Guadalupe pouring a combustible on the fur of the kitten while Mikaela takes the video. The kitten initially runs off and tries to lick the liquid out of it’s fur but Guadalupe runs after it.


The kid on the video who tries to touch the kitten is Mikaelas son.

Guadalupe then grabs the kitten by the neck and ran back to Mikaela giggling with excitement. She then lighted a match, while still holding the kittens neck, and set a fire at the back of the kittens right ear.

The fire on the first attempt lasted only 5 seconds but it didn’t take long for her to light another one.


This time, she poured more combustible to the kitten to ignite the fire.  Both were just laughing at the background while watching the kitten run for its life.

Since the incident, a petition has been filed by Nadia Chávez against these two for animal cruelty.  The government of Aguascalientes has an animal protection law since 2005 and Nadia is asking for them to be brought to justice.
The petition(in Spanish) was initiated on June 10, 2015 and til date has received more than 54,000+ supporters.

The petition reads:

“Petitioning for Attorney General Oscar Gonzalez Mendivil of Aguascalientes to punish those who burned a kitten alive! – Nadia Chavez”

You can view the petition here(you might need Google Translate):

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