10+ Surprisingly Simple Ideas That Made Millions

A lot of people believe that they have a million dollar idea and that if only given a chance it could be a start of their success.  But the truth is, a lot of bright ideas don’t get noticed, and if they ever get noticed, they have a 50/50 chance of being made into an actual product.  Even if the product get made, there’s really no assurance that it’s gonna take off and deliver the millions that it has promised.  Luckily for these products, no matter how simple the idea is, they managed to sold millions.

1. Smiley

This happy yellow image was created by Charlie ball and was paid $45 for the rights.  Later two brothers stumbled on the smiley face and saw the huge potential of the image.  They licensed the image to companies and businesses to use on packaging and commercials that made more than $50 million in profit.

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2.  Slinky

Richard James accidentally invented the slinky.  He came up with the idea when one day, by accident, a spring fell and “walked” along the floor.  From then on he and his family made around $250 million out of this famous toy.

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3.  Velcro

The velcro idea came to George de Mestral when one day he noticed that the burrs of plants would stick to his pants. He examined these burrs under a microsocope and noticed how each of them had tiny hooks that fastened to the small hoops of the fabric.  From this, he set to create the same effect using artificial materials and invented the Velcro with an estimated revenue of $100 million every year.

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4.  Crazy Straw

The straw design has always been straight forward for decades. You got a tube that is open from end to end that allows you to sip liquid from a bottle.  But one man, got a crazy idea redesigning these straws to encourage children to drink their juice and milk instead of sodas. Instantly it proved to be a big hit, as kids enjoys sipping and watching their drinks turn and loop before reaching their mouths.  This product are sold in millions every year.

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