10+ Surprisingly Simple Ideas That Made Millions

5.  Magic Eight Ball

The magic eight ball has helped a lot of people make their decisions and predict the future.  Although it really has no helpful power or whatsoever, people still bought this magical toy by millions.

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6.  Pillow Pets

When Jennifer Telfer saw that the toys her son was using as pillow would flatten and wear out, she realized that she could improve this by making both a cuddly toy and a pillow in one.  She then created the Pillow Pet, a large and firm cuddly toy in the shape of various animals that proved to be a hit not only with the children but also with ladies as well.

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7.  Beanie Babies

Teddy bears used to be stuffed with cotton, until today where they are stuffed with synthetic materials that is more cheaper to produce.  Ty Warner saw a chance to market a new type of teddy, where the toy were stuffed with beans and were seen as collector items. Thanks to the fact they weren’t sold in retail chains and that they were seen as prized possession, Beanie Babies became a fad that has lasted for decades, making billions of dollars.

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8.  Snuggie

Creator Scott Boilen idea was pretty simple in nature but became hugely popular thanks to funny advertising and celebrity endoresements.  For the first year alone, more than 20 millions snuggies were sold.

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