10+ Surprisingly Simple Ideas That Made Millions

9.  Hula Hoop

The idea of Hula hoop came when toy designers saw children playing with hoops of bamboo.  They then recreate the toy using plastic material and it sold more than 100 million units in stores worldwide until it went out of fashion.

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10.  iFart App

This app that simply plays different fart sounds was an instant hit not only for being cheap, $0.99, but also for being so funny in every way.

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11.  Post-it Notes

Post-it notes the darling of all offices and desk in every companies was accidentally invented by Dr. Spencer Silver.  He was doing a research about a new type of stong glue when accidentally created an adhesive that was capable of sticking securely but could also be easily detached with a small amount of force.  Post-It since made more than $1billion in sales and branching into new forms and design.

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12.  Frisbee

Fred Morrison discovered a market for the modern-day flying disc in 1938 when he and future wife, Lucile, were offered 25 cents for a cake pan that they were tossing back and forth at a beach in Santa Monica, California. “That got the wheels turning, because you could buy a cake pan for five cents, and if people on the beach were willing to pay a quarter for it, well – there was a business.”  and the rest was history.

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