An Owl And A Kitten Working In A Cafe In Japan Has An Unexpected Partnership

Meet Fuku-Chan, the owl, and Marimo, the kitten.  This two cute duo is part of a Cafe in Osaka, Japan named, Hukulou Coffee, that acts as an attraction to the customers.  The cafe has several other owls but these two has been cutest team-up as of late.

Source: hukuloucoffee, facebook

This is Fuku-chan. She lives in a cafe in Osaka, Japan.  The main attraction of this cafe are their variety of owls which the cafe allow their customers to pet them.

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (5)

Marimo is the newest employee, a Scottish fold kitten

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (1)

At first, you think they wouldn’t get along

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (2)

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (3)

But they hang out together most of the time

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (4)

And they have been sleeping buddies ever since they met

owl-kitten-in-hokolou-coffee (6)



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