Nursing Home in Florida Has The Most Unlikely Theraphy Pet, A Tortoise

Most of us would think of a dog or a cat when it comes to Pet Theraphy.  But for one Nursing home in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, they have instead a pet Tortoise which brings the residents so much fun, joy and entertainment.

Image: abcnews

Shelly is the name of the Tortoise and she has been living in Chautauqua Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in DeFuniak Springs, Florida for two years now.  At 20-years-old and weighing 65 pounds, she is the most popular resident of the nursing home.

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Image: chautauquarehab

“He’s a rescue tortoise that was found walking down Highway 20 near Portland”, said Brandy Meredith, an occupational therpist. “As he’s grown, he was too big for his former habitat, so he came to stay with us.”

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Image: chautauquarehab

Staff at Chautauqua are glad to have Shelly around as he actually helps bring the residents out of their shells, which makes people make more effort to leave their rooms and hang out with Shelly.

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Image: chautauquarehab

Shelly is an African Spur Thigh Tortoise, a breed that can live to be up to one hundred years old, which means he could be around for quite a while.

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