What It’s Like To Travel In First Class Flights And Eat First Class Food. This Guy Did It For Free

A Lucky guy travelled to New York flying British Airways and got himself upgraded to a first class flight using his frequent flyer points.

“I did not pay full-price for the ticket, I spent a ton of frequent flyer points on it. I usually sit a bit further in the back”.

This time, he made it to the front, took pictures of the airplane food, to tease us economy flyers with his first class travel.

airplane-food (2)

Amuse Bouche

airplane-food (6)

Fresh Seasonal Salad

airplane-food (4)
“With choice of blue cheese dressing or classic vinairgrette. Chose the Vinaigrette. The stuff that they have onboard is pretty awesome, I go for the vinaigrette every time. Also, the Focaccia you can see in the background was out of this world delicious. Never had one so good on the ground.”

Seared fillet of Aberdeen Angus beef with morel mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetables and a herb potato cake

airplane-food (5)

“Very nice indeed. However, beef is notoriously hard to get right in the convection ovens on older planes like this 747, so I had better, even though not in the air. Would have gladly taken a ton of the potato gratin, though.”

Warm chocolate and hazelnut torte

airplane-food (7)
“In all honesty, this was formidable. The cake was warm and spongy, with a soft, gooey center, the hazelnut cream to the right was cold and creamy, and there was also some hazelnut pieces throughout, so it wasn’t just all soft and mushy. Nice touch with the garnish. ”

Afternoon Tea: Scones, clotted cream, and jam

airplane-food (3)
“Ah, the British.”

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