Crying Baby Elephant Who Was Rejectecd By His Mother Finally Has Found Happiness

Zhuang Zhuang is a baby elephant born in captivity in a Chinese Zoo last 2013.  His arrival on the zoo was to say not so great as the moment she was born he was  immediately rejected by his mother.  On top of that rejection his mother even tried to kill him by stomping him to death.

crying elephant 01

Zookeepers removed Zhuang Zhuang for some time from his mother in attempt to calm her down and give her some time.  But when they reintroduced him again, he was again greeted with the same contempt and again tried to kill him.

Zhuang Zhuang, the Baby Elephant, cried for five straight hours without stopping before he could be consoled.  The imense emotion of a mother’s rejection can be seen from the face and tears of this tiny calf.

crying elephant 02

People have commented that his mother might be depressed due to her life in the zoo.

crying elephant 04

Zhuang Zhuang was later adopted by a Zookeeper and made a good bond with him.  Now the crying tiny calf is a lively and happy Elephant as ever.

elephant crying 03

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